Monday, January 17, 2005


Few and far between are those that know much about the RFK baseball seating, so I'll take what I can get. This one's a tip from a woman I met at Barnes & Noble when we were watching our two year olds play with the Thomas Train Engine set. I was wearing my Nats cap, always a good conversation starter, and she told me that her husband is an old Senators fan, from back in the day. According to him, the upper deck behind home plate hangs out pretty far over the upper deck. The tickets there -- this section is now called "infield lower reserved" -- are only 15 clams, and may be the best deal in the park. See
If true, I'm not altogether surprised, as similar seats at the old Milwaukee County Stadium (a venue of similar vintage) were a good view and a great value. They were much closer to the field than any upper deck at one of the new ballparks; you ended up feeling like you were looking over the umpire's shoulder. Likewise, Wrigley Field's upper deck is a great place to watch a game. Once I've actually visited RFK, I'll give a full report on seating, concessions, etc.

(By the way, in searching the web, it's clear that we have a neophyte franchise here. The website is for a Canadian national skateboarding championship, while is a fan site, essentially a placeholder with two photos.)